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Hi, my name is James Neylon, my story starts with my love for furniture made with solid wood, and the satisfaction I get from Making things from wood. When i was a child, my grandad, Edward Neylon, was a genius craftsman. He use to make amazing things, and not just with wood. he made a working carousel (cocks and horses) with working lights, horses that actually went up and down, an organ in the middle of it all with actual organ music coming from it. he made gypsy caravans where the insides had working lights and all the small details of a real old style gypsy caravan. needless to say, he was my idol. All this was all done in his bedroom. on an old chest of drawers. 

So i built my workshop on my back garden and started messing around with bits of wood. I found my passion, and now i am sharing it with you.

 Established in 2019, Jimmy's Den is committed to customer satisfaction. I aim to be the site for people to come for all their wooden products.


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